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Top Ten Most Provocative Latino Films
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  1)  El Norte. Watch this film and you'll understand why Gregory Nava has emerged as a Hollywood great.
    2)  American Me.  The life of Edward James Olmos was in danger because he had the guts to make this film.
    3)  My Family, Mi Familia.  This film provides subtle but powerful criticisms of the ways Mexican Americans have been mistreated.
4)  Farmingville.  What happens in a town not ready for an influx of Brown immigrants?


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    5)  Real Women Have Curves.  This film challenges traditional thinking about women's bodies and immigrant workers' challenges and rights.
    6)  Maria Full of Grace.  This film will make you think twice about the type of people who fall into the drug trade.
The Puerto Rican Mambo (Not a Musical)   7)  The Puerto Rican Mambo (Not a Musical).  Regrettably, this is out of print, but if you can get your hands on an old copy, go for it.  Gene and Siskel gave it two thumbs up and you won't know whether to laugh or cry.
  8)  El Super.  This film provides a great story about Cuban exiles trying to overcome tragedy.
    9)  Manito.  Franky G makes an unforgettable debut in this unforgettable independent film.
    10)  Washington Heights.  This Dominican neighborhood in New York City is the setting for this drama about a Latino cartoonist.


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